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This site was designed for ease of navigation so that your attention can be devoted to the pleasure of viewing.  There are, however, a couple of helpful suggestions that will make your visit even more enjoyable with less attention to navigating.  The site works best with Microsoft Explorer 5.0 of higher and with a DSL or cable connection.  Those with a modem connection will experience delays in loading web pages, particularly when they include graphics and animation.  Most links are set up to be accessed by clicking on an a photo/image.  If there is no photo/image, then text would be the link.
     Hyperlink:  text that turns bold when the mouse is passed over it is a link (or hyperlink) to another page on the website.  To try it out, select      -> Text Link    or      -> 

     Return to a prior page:
  click the   < Backspace   key on your keyboard or the back arrow on your browser toolbar to return to your prior location.

Slideshow Presentation Help

Click on an image/photo unless there is only text.  In that case, click on text that highlights in blue or red.
Run at the following screen and  Run again at the next screen. 
Slideshow will begin to download and when finished will start automatically and advance screen by screen.
NOTE:  Internet connection by dial-up is very slow and you will likely not have the time or patience to wait.
To control the slideshow manually use
mouse right - click or your keyboard keys (as below):





 Pause Pause
 Resume ->



Contact technical support for assistance with any difficulties you may have navigating the site or to offer suggestions for improvements at   >  Technical Support.