A Stroll Down Memory Lane

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Hi there!
I know you might be a little nervous because you haven't seen some of these folks for a long time but remember... they are your friends from years ago and I know they'd love to see you.  Just pluck a blade o' grass from the side of Bear Creek down there and chew on it a littl' bit;  it'll help ya relax and settle your stomach some.  Go ahead now, I'll see ya on up the road a piece . . .

It's said that    "A picture is worth a thousand words."     If that's true, why not sit back and take the time to enjoy pictures and stories from your past ...    linger with thoughts of togetherness and relive the warmth that is felt by the friendship of those you still care and think about often.    If you use your imagination, it could be like reliving many precious moments all over again.