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This section is designed to recapture memories or trigger warm feelings from those who know Evergreen well, our hometown from the distant past to the present, whether or not we have the good fortune to continue to live in this priceless mountain community.

Spotlight on Evergreen 

The following were submitted by those who care and you are invited to share in the same way.  Send a photo of yourself (past or present), where you live today with a scenic spot in your area, a few words about your life now or things that just come to mind . . .  whatever stirs you to reconnect.  If using your email account, include photos as an attachment to your email.

Share with others and recapture the precious moments that have been overshadowed by time and distance but that the power of your mind can bring to life again in the flash of a simple word, thought or feeling.  Remember, we only live so long and all we truly have is now . . .  this very moment.

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