Bonds Built Over Time

Warm words that express thoughts and feelings about the chance to reconnect to Evergreen, reflecting the quality of relationships sustained over time.

30 Jan 2019  Hi Bill, Thank you for taking care of this Site for all of us to remember by.  Jackie Keck Reynolds

20 Nov 2018  Bill:  Thank you for keeping us informed and all the time you put into doing that Darlene Songer James

10 Aug 2018  Hi Bill:  You are so wonderful for keeping us all updated.  Thank you.  Jackie Reynolds

10 Aug 2018 
Bill:  Thank you so much for all your effort and talent towards making the photos and videos available to us.  I do appreciate all that you do to try to keep current with the photos.  Dee Walker

01 Aug 2018 
Good morning precious Bill,  What a fantastic job you did on the video!!!! (2018 Old-Timers Reunion)  I watched it and then when Jack got up I had him watch it and we both enjoyed it soooooo  much!  Thank you for caring and doing all of this!!!!!  Love ya!  Lois

31 Jul 2018  Bill, As always, thanks for your efforts related to EHS history and graduates John McEncroe

09 Mar 2018  Hi Bill,  I was very touched by running across your Evergreen High website.  I was looking for Sydney Wangsnes (66), I had known her since grade school.  With every name I saw that I could connect with broke my heart and lifted it at the same time.  And yes, left me with a quieting peace.  Thanks, John Roehling

01 Dec 2017 
Thank you, Bill, and I hope you have a good holiday.  You are really thoughtful.  Sharon Rouse

28 Nov 2017 
Thanks Bill and Lois.  You keep us up to date.  Marlene Johnson Ainsworth.

23 Nov 2017 
Thanks for all you do, for all of us, day in and day out. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, we all have a lot to be thankful. Johnnie class of 58 

29 Aug 2017  Thanks, Bill. Appreciate your work. Joellen Woods Bruce

27 Aug 2017   Bill:  The entire web site and the individual photos look great!! Thank you so much for your fine efforts that we all enjoy so much!!  I hope you have a great rest of the summer!!  Jodey Anderson 

13 Aug 2017  Wow!  Just spent an hour looking at pics.  Thank you Bill, Lois & all the others that contribute.  Sorry to have missed (the 2017 Old-Timers Reunion).  Marlene Johnson Ainsworth

13 Aug 2017  Good morning once again, precious friend,  Thank you, once again, from the bottom of my heart for all you have done these many years and continue to do to bring so much enjoyment into so many lives with your fantastic website.  You are such a blessing to so many of our Evergreen friends (as well as how many others that we will never know about) keeping us all connected. YOU ARE TRULY “THE BEST!”  Love ya!  Lois

10 Aug 2017 Bill,  Thank you for being the saint of EHS and keeping up with all the event that affect us in  our Evergreen community.  You are so good.  What time is the Lutheran Church reunion on the 19th?   Sharon Rouse

05 Aug 2017  Hi Bill,  I appreciate all that you do for the EHS news, pictures, and so many other things.. Thanks so much.  I do believe that a good time was had by all.  We are looking forward to our next reunion.

08 Apr 2017
 Howdy Bill, Thanks for all you do! 
John McEncroe (EHS 1969, El Rancho Restaurant 1954-1988)  John McEncroe

04 Apr 2017 
Thank you, Bill.  You are really a treasure to keep us all informed.  Sharon Rouse

28 Aug 2016 
So nice you have done all this work putting it together Bill!  Susi Willett

28 Aug 2016  Bill! The work you turn out on this is just awesome!! I enjoy it so much, and it is really appreciated. Have kept in touch with so many people, that I made friends with going back to 1956So nice you have done all this work putting it together Bill!  Pat McCombs

28 Jul 2016  Thank you for the update Uncle Bill. It is so good that you keep this family connected! Even if it is sad news.  Cristie J. Griebling-Valero 

02 Jul 2016  I just went through Cub Scratches for the first time and can't believe the wonderful job you have done. This must have taken you many, many hours and I want to thank you for your hard work. What a wonderful walk down memory lane.   Rix McDaniel

28 Jun 2016  Thanks for all the wonderful work you do on the website, it is gratefully appreciated!!!  Janet Snyder Haberthier

03 Apr 2016  Well done Bill, thank you for all the time you spend that reminds us of our glorious years in Evergreen. I hope your are well, Johnnie.  Wilkinson

01 Apr 2016  Good morning Bill,  I visited your new website last evening and again just now.  How wonderful of you to spend the time and effort to keep us all connected. THANK YOU!

01 Apr 2016  Thanks for all you do.  This means a lot.  Keith Francis

01 Apr 2016  Thanks for all your hard work Bill, it is much appreciated.  Patrick McCombs 

18 Sep 2015  Hi Bill,  Thanks again for your wonderful web page and all the excellent work you've done with it.  dbear  (David Bear)

05 Sep 2015  Hi Bill,  I enjoyed the new slide show.  Thank you for doing all of the things that you do to keep us connected.  Ginger Shoffstall aka Virginia Messer

05 Sep 2015  You put in such effort on this web site, and it is lovely.  Thank you for doing it for us.  Suzie deDisse

01 Sep 2015  Thank you again, Bill, for your wonderful communications (referring to updates and Spotlight postings).  Laura Steckman Lytle

08 Aug 2015   Bill, I appreciate your updates.  :) John McEncroe (El Rancho), EHS 1969 

02 Jun 2015  Thanks Bill.  I appreciate your efforts and I know Warren will too.  Bob Lehr

10 Nov 2014  Bill,  What a very wonderful gift you give all of us who enjoy the many memories and joy of visiting the Evergreen website.  Your professionalism is so awesome and your caring thoughtful details entwined in your work is just so outstanding.  Thank you for being there and doing this for all of us to enjoy time and time again . . .  I am very thankful you are there and do what you do for all of us to enjoy and stir up our lovely memories!  Laura Steckman Lytle

11 Nov 2014  Hi Bill.  Just went thru your latest pics and comments.  When I got to the 3rd grade class & saw Margie Sue I laughed out loud so hard & had to call her.  We both got a big laugh out of that.  She looked mad & ready to take on the world.  Please keep all of this coming our way - we all thank you.  Marlene Johnson Ainsworth

02 Sep 2014   Thanks Bill, Your website looks great. I appreciate your being  a connector for all of us.  Dwight Souder

19 Aug 2012   Bill - You continue to do an amazing job with this website, and I thank you once again for your time and talent.  The slideshow on Empowerment is beautiful, encouraging, and healing.  I have shared this with all of my family.  Clara Bedford Katchen

19 Aug 2012  I really appreciate your keeping this so current for all of us!  I wanted to add my sister Linda Keck’s passing in 2001 class of 69 and my Brother John Keck died 2011 class of 1973.  I knew both the Reese Brothers, my older sisters  dated them in high school.  Thanks again Bill!  Keep up a great job!!  Your friend Jackie Keck Reynolds class of 72

19 Aug 2012  Thanks Bill I am really enjoy the site. You have done an amazing job with it. Thanks for bringing back memories of classmates even relatives.  Sara Brightman WOW! (2012 Reunion slideshow).  Your caring has brought joy to many of us.
Rich Linsenmayer

17 May 2012  Bill,  You are doing a great job it is so nice to have someone with your talent and who cares.  Would be nice to have the "old" Evergreen back and not have so many people who don't care.  Connie Clark Gibb

10 May 2012  Bill, your work is very much appreciated!!!!!  Marci Francis Stafford

10 May 2012  Bill, love you for trying to keep all the Evergreen strays rounded up.  Leona Blakeslee Turley

10 May 2012  Bill, I also have deep and rewarding memories of my life in Evergreen which includes the people that I was fortunate to have in my life. I want to thank you for this web site and I am looking forward to sharing memories at the reunion this year. Regards, Dick Nichols

10 May 2012  Thank you for continuing to keep the Evergreen website current. It is a wonderful link to those very happy high school years and memories. It is always a peaceful sentimental journey to scroll through the website.  Laura Steckman Lytle

09 Feb 2012  Bill, I want to thank you again for all your hard work on the Evergreen web site. It's so much fun to look and remember.  Rix McDaniel

06 Feb 2012  Bill, Thank you and thanks for making such a lovely Evergreen Website. Connie Clark Gibb

05 Feb 2012   I love the message and atmosphere of your web site.  And the photography is beautiful  Thanks for letting me access it.  Ginger Messer Shoffstall

26 Oct 2011   Bill:  Thank you so much for sharing your pictures and slideshows with all of us Evergreenites.  Connie (Clark) Gibb  - Alice Dralle's daughter

16 Oct 2011   Thank you Bill.  All that you do is greatly appreciated.  John Wilkinson

16 Oct 2011 
Those were really cool!!!  My son Bobby Millard and I really enjoyed it!  Without a doubt it brought back many memories of our childhood.  WE say KEEP IT UP!!!!  Jackie Millard

22 Sep 2011  Hank, said to tell you he was sorry he missed the Old Timers Reunion this year,  Beautiful power point presentation you put together! Shally Alderfer

20 Sep 2011  Bill, You put forth a lot of effort on this and did a GREAT job. Thanks, Keith Francis

20 Sep 2011  What a fantastic walk down memory lane Bill, I learned things about the people I have know for years that I did not know before. While I missed this years event, this presentation was almost like being there. Lots and lots of time, energy and research is evident, many thanks!  Hope to see you next year!  Doyle James

20 Sep 2011  Hi Doyle, I certainly agree with you.  I had mentioned to Bill in an earlier memory that he will never know how many people that have been touched by his website.  It brings to mind all of the good memories of our wonderful times together and keeps us connected.  Love ya, Lois Bingman Arnold

20 Sep 2011 Good morning Bill, We were not able to attend this year, but hope to be there next year.  Your e-mails are so wonderful to receive and the PPP was really good.  Everything you do is a joy to watch.  Take care and have a blessed day, year and life, Helen & Larry

19 Sep 2011  Bill, I am SO impressed!  And as always, I'm utterly respectful of your kind spirit and all of the effort that you always extend.  Not just to your own classmates, but also to people like myself who will forever be in gratitude for preserving such an important part of my own past.  THANK YOU!  David Sullivan

06 Sep 2011
Good job!  Really enjoyed it. Thanks for doing this. Hope to make it next year. Joellen Woods Bruce

06 Sep 2011  Thanks, Bill  -Great pix!  So many faces not seen for decades... and some surprises, e.g., Lavine Morris!!!!!  Wonderful to see Louise Stransky so alive   and well....  You must have spent hours with these and I'm amazed you have names for everyone!!!!!  Thanks also to Vincente!!!!  Yvonne Barr

06 Sep 2011  Bill, Thanks so much, again, for this wonderful web-site.  Take care, dbear

05 Sep 2011  HI Bill  Just finished looking at the sight.  Enjoyed it very much, and appreciate all of the work and time you and Lois spend on it  for our enjoyment.  Surprised at how many I didn't recognize.  Enjoyed it anyway, there were still plenty that I did.  Hope all is well with you. Take care, Marci (Marsha Francis Stafford)

05 Sep 2011   What a wonderful website, Bill. You have truly captured the essence of the E.H.S. experience, and have provided us with long forgotten information about those times and about our classmates that allows us to revisit those wonderful years! What a great gift you have, thanks!  Doyle James ('54)

08 Jan 2011  Hi Bill, just viewed your Web Site. It sure is a nice thing to be able to keep up with all the goings on.  Thank you for it.  I was looking at all of our friends and classmates that have died, and noticed that William (Willy) Reuter's class date was wrong.  He was my cousin and was in the same grade as me.  That was the Class of '55. Thanks again for keeping Evergreen alive in our hearts and minds.  Nancy Brown

28 Oct 2010  Bill -- I again thank you for the outstanding work you do to keep this website active and ongoing.  The site is beautiful and very informative and I enjoy it very much.  Clara Bedford Katchen

04 Apr 2010  Thanks so much for doing this!!!  We just had fun looking at some pictures!!  In the 2005 reunion, under the Founding Fathers picture Bill Sandifer is 3d from the right with the plaid shirt!  Bill Sandifer

16 Mar 2010  Hi Bill:  I just revisited your website and our reunion almost two years ago.  Thanks for all the photos you took.  It really was a special weekend.  So good to see everyone again, and then again the pictures.  Marilyn Schmidt

15 Mar 2010 
WOW!  I'd seen these before when you originally let us know that they were there.  Although my memory's not incredibly good, I don't recall them having the textual commentary lines before.  I'm sure I'm wrong.  Regardless, they add a LOT.  I'm so very homesick having seen them now.  And I want to go back to those days when Evergreen look like that and we walked forever just to go play with a school friend.  When Grandma and Grandpa Merten's house was a short walk toward Evergreen Lake from the High School. toward Evergreen Lake from the High School.  When we'd walk up the road West of the Lake and go traipse through the abandoned motel built on the face of the mountains across the creek.  Why  can't time to back for us sometimes?  I suppose it can as long as there are gentle souls like yours out there that are willing to compile such wonderful of love and then so selfishly donating them to us.  God bless you!  David Mertens Sullivan

03 Feb 2009 Terry said that you for passing this on.  He did not know Toby.  But appreciated that you keep everyone up on things.  Thanks.  Ginger Mertens

02 Feb 2009  I have enjoyed your slideshows.  Keep them coming.  Bob Lehr

03 Oct 2008  You have done a bang up job on the website and orchestrating the reunion.  Rod Land

03 Oct 2008  Hi Bill - Thank you for keeping all the Evergreen associates connected.  The photos of the reunion and surrounding Evergreen countryside and spectacular.  Have a wonderful life,  Carol Teske Ataganian

27 Sep 2008  Thank you so much - really do enjoy the web site and plan on using it more often.  Janine Kirkpatrick High

30 Aug 2008  Hi!  Am enjoying the pics & bios that you put on your web site.  Bless you for all your work!!   Marlene Johnson Ainsworth

20 Aug 2008  Thanks for all the time you spend on [the Evergreen Website].   Suzie deDisse

14 Aug 2008  Hey Bill, you are the best, thanks for the captions. Helped me identify some more of the class....  Callie La Mere Kettle

19 Jul 2008  Bill, What a great web site you have put together--- keep up the super work!  Pete Tracy

18 Jul 2008  If you at the get-to-gather, I will buy you a beer for the masterful job of organizing and promoting a reunion; your calling must be in the hospitality venue.  Fred Butler

14 Jul 2008  I spent quite a bit of time enjoying this beautiful site.  Thank you for all your hard work...  Roslyn Clark Hargis

29 Jun 2008  What a blessing you are to all of us that were lucky enough to grow up in Evergreen. Your website is priceless!  Lois Arnold

26 Jun 2008  Thank you so much Bill for the beautiful articles & pictures of Evergreen.  My memories of Evergreen are wonderful!!  See you soon --- Marlene Johnson Ainsworth

23 Jun 2008  You have really done a super job with this web site.  Thanks for all your hard work. We appreciate all you have done.  Larry Walker

22 Jun 2008  I always love looking at your website, especially after a stressful day or week  Again, thanks for the wonderful website Sandy Sands

18 Jun 2008  Oh Bill - My father's spirit called to me through the music as I watched Wild and Pristine.  He told me I should know he is happy here at the top of Mt. Evans, all through Squaw Pass and Summit Pass. In the pines and snow where the cold air keeps him healthy and happy.  That's where he loved to be.  So, I know his spirit is there.  My heart filled till I felt it would burst and tears ran down my face remembering all the times he took us into the mountains.  Thank you for sending all the photos and beautiful music.  Carol Teske Ataganian

09 May 2008  What a great web site. I can just imagine how much work you put in doing this for all of us. Thank you. I know I will visit the site often.   Rix McDaniel

06 May 2008  Bill... I cannot say more than has already been said in the testimonials other than to tell you it is a beautiful work of electronic genius on your part and appears to be a work in progress - congratulations - I have already spent lots of time enjoying touching on all the years of Evergreen graduates and the wonderful pictures of natures beauty.    John Wilkinson

01 May 2008 Bill - thanks for the work you put into the web site.  Marlene Ainsworth

01 May 2008  I love the Evergreen site and what you do with it!  It makes me wish I could live there again… tiring of the city busyness!  My cousin Janine found my name and email on the site. She sent me an email and we talked for the first time in about 6 years! That was wonderful!  Cristie Griebling Valero

30 Apr 2008 Bill, thanks for your work in putting this site together. Terry Smith

13 Apr 2008  Bill - thanks for helping us get on to the Evergreen website -- we really enjoyed our trip "around" it -- I'll be thinking about who some of the missing names for the pictures are -- WOW!  Really takes me back a notch or 2!!  Looking forward to keeping in touch about this year's O.T. reunion -- I hope our plans will allow us to come (Marilyn and me).  Thanks for doing the website - Bill Sandifer

12 Apr 2008   Hey Bill, Hope you stay in touch, you have done a great job with the website and class reunion.  Don't just ride off into the sunset.  Best of all, Rod Land

05 Apr 2008 You have done amazing work on this!  Mary Ann Sourwine Rhode

31 Mar 2008 Please keep up the good work on the website, I for one appreciate it a lot. Jim Miller

22 Mar 2008 Hi Bill, Just a couple of short comments. First, I thank you for posting the slideshow of your trip to Colorado. I thoroughly enjoyed all the pictures, especially the ones of the snow on the mountains and those around Evergreen.  Bob Lehr

21 Mar 2008  Thanks, and special thanks for all your special talents and time for all of us who love Evergreen...  Clara Bedford Katchen

08 Mar 2008 I just finished enjoying the fantastic Wild and Pristine link and I really enjoyed the true beauty of Mother Nature that you so graciously shared.  You have done a magnificent job on the entire Website and how blessed I feel to be able to enjoy it all with just a few clicks.  Take care and have a great week-end!  Lois Arnold

07 Mar 2008  Hi Bill, the Wild and Pristine section certainly reminds me of home! How many times I climbed to the top of a mountain to feel the cool wind on my face and look down at my small town of Kittredge in order to regain my patience with life and people. I swam in Bear Creek and skated on Evergreen lake as often as I could. I don't remember things being that beautiful then. Mainly,  because I was excited to get out and see the world.  All I could picture was the beach, sun and water. Did not know that would include smog and traffic.  Whatever made me think I should leave?  Thanks for this website. Talk soon, Carol Teske Ataganian

28 Feb 2008
  Bill,  Thanks for the updates and forwards, I appreciate it.  You have a great site and it keeps getting better!  It's a little cathartic looking that far back in time and place but stirs some good memories for me.  take care,  David Bear

26 Feb 2008  Thanks for all the information for the web site!  You have done a great job with that!!  I just realized this is your 50th reunion this year!  WOW,  I don't know where the time has gone!  Again thanks for the info, I really appreciate it.  Johnne' Hunt Nelson

26 Feb 2008  Oh my God!!  Billy, those are spectacular pictures. I have to say I never saw any deer or elk grazing on my front lawn when I lived at Bauer's Swiss Chalets. What a wonderful picture!!  They must be really hungry to come down that close to civilization. I am so excited about our trip to Evergreen. You are doing a fantastic job with all of your Evergreen and Colorado information. I can't get enough!  Keep it coming!  Nancy Ashlock

26 Feb 2008 
Bill,  Great photos!  I enjoyed them all.  Thanks for posting them.  Bob Lehr

26 Feb 2008  Keep up the great work.  Joyce Hicks Anderson

25 Feb 2008
  Thank you for your hard work!  Terry Mertens

25 Feb 2008  I have really enjoyed the E-mails as well as the web sight.  Thanks for a job well done!  Joyce Hicks Anderson

25 Feb 2008  Again, thank you for all the website information.  Sue Werber Rouse

24 Feb 2008  Hi Bill,  I would like to personally thank you for all your hard work.  The website is beautiful and very creative.  Carol Teske Ataganian

20 Feb 2008  Hi Bill,  Really nice work on your website.  The changes look great and reflect a lot of effort.  Thanks and keep up the great work.  Best wishes.  Bob Lehr

11 Feb 2008 
Bill -- congrats on this spectacular website...   I haven't had the time to look at everything, but have enjoyed a lot so far.  Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing your talents....  Clara Bedford Katchen

07 Feb 2008  Re-visited your wonderful site tonight.  I thoroughly enjoyed especially the slide show of the seasons!  Ann Crosson Hager

07 Feb 2008  Bill,  Thanks very much!  You've created a great web-site and I'm enjoying it a lot even though I don't know many of the names.  One name I am familiar with though is Hicks.  I was good friends with Sherri Hicks and she had an older sister Janet I knew of.  Didn't know any more of her folks though except I think her mom was a cook at the new high school.  It's amazing looking back at those times & people.  I was uprooted in 1962 from my home here in AK and moved to CO and just about the time I was getting settled in and comfortable in Evergreen/Kittredge I got shipped off to Gypsum on the west slope.  My time in Evergreen was special though, I guess because of my age mostly and a few of the friends I made.  We rented a cabin from a Mr. Lake on Cub (?) creek for a short time and then moved to Kittredge.  Thanks again for your great web-site and effort to keep folks in touch, an admirable endeavor to say the least! I've had so much of the other end of the spectrum with my work and municipal government involvement that by the time I retired in 2005 I had become so cynical and sour that everything I encountered was tainted.  Your site is a very pleasant discovery indeed!  Take care, dbear.  (David Bear)

07 Feb 2008  I was just at your site.  It is great!  Bill Stroo

27 Dec 2007  Just a quick note to say that I hope you had a good Christmas.  I've enjoyed your email and recent posts to the website.  I especially enjoyed the one titled EVERGREEN MEMORIES from Letta Mae Rice.  That was a super article.  That email also included your Christmas greeting artwork showing skating on Evergreen Lake.  The painting showed the old boat house/skate house.  Did that bring back memories!  I worked there one summer while I was in college, renting boats  Can't remember the exact year but all those years were good times.    I went through the photos from the Classes of '55 and '56 Reunions and enjoyed them and then went through the 2007 Old-Timers Reunion photos again.   There are a couple of photo captions that should be fixed for accuracy sake.  Best wishes for a peaceful and joyous New Year.  Bob Lehr

26 Dec 2007
Thanks for all your work on the EHS site. Several of us in the class of '56 get together at least once a year now - Jim Miller, Don Boring, Richard May, Toni Turner Lane, Diane Butler Choate and me.  In fact, we are meeting on January 6th at my house - I'll see if we can get a photo and send it off to you.  Mimi (Wilkinson) Nelson

21 Dec 2007  Thanks for all your hard work with that e-community!  Scott VanDewerker  (son of Letta Mae Rice VanDewerker)

21 Dec 2007  Thanks for all of your hard work on this wonderful web page (50th reunion Class of ' 55).  Bob Brown

16 Dec 2007  Bill-thanks for the info.  Jodey Anderson

15 Dec 2007  Thank you I really enjoy the site, it does just like you say and brings back a lot of memories.  Thanks again,  Ron Johnson

15 Dec 2007  Good morning Bill and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and thank you for your holiday wishes.  I bought a really large poster of the same picture you are using below (Evergreen Lake Warming House) and had it framed and it is hanging on my office wall.  I love it as when I enter the room, look at it, it always brings back such good memories of our living in Evergreen and the wonderful people of the community and our school friends.  How very lucky we were to live during that time.  Thanks once again for all you do to keep us all connected.  Love,  ya, Lois (Bingman) Arnold

15 Dec 2007  Thanks for the picture of Evergreen Lake, I spent a lot of time there.  I saw the article by Letta Mae, her brother, Dell also wrote one which I have.  Did you get it also?  Leona Blakeslee Turley

14 Dec 2007   Bill, What a great photo Click for larger image [click to view]  Thank you very much for sending it.  I'm finishing a family photo book that has taken me about 10 year to finish (it's 800 photos and 225 pages plus I'm slow and my life keeps getting in the way)  When it's done, I really am going to get busy and put some 1966 stuff on the website.  Merry Christmas to you too!  Mary Ann Rhode

05 Oct 2007  Hi Bill,  You have done such a phenomenal job with the Evergreen website. It is so comprehensive in its approach, and covers so many years.  I have things to add, plus I have lots of photos to share. I will try soon to get a package to you, if you don't mind copying them and sending them back.  Don't know if you remember, but for our 40th reunion I did the big poster with several photos of the school, of activities from the yearbook, etc. I just remembered that you have not seen it, because at the last minute you weren't able to attend the reunion. Well, I'm just going to have to get them to you, because the photos would be a nice addition to the website for the "Class of '58." I also have several years worth of Cub Scratches and some rosters of our football and basketball games showing the positions and players. Would you like to put them on the website?  Let me know what you think.  Marilyn Schmidt

2 Oct 2007 
After all this time, I finally entered the Evergreen webpage.  You have done a marvelous job creating memories for everyone.  Sue Werber Rouse