Personal Empowerment

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Personal Empowerment involves connecting positively with all things . . .  with others, within ourselves and with all that exists in the entire Universe . . .  animals both wild and domestic, entrancing reptiles, the sweet sounds of birds chirping in the trees or even larger fowl gracefully flying undeterred in the sky above, lush plants and colorful flowers, tall massive trees, deep forests, high mountains with rugged cliffs and high ridges, endless flatlands, wide open valleys, expansive plains and rolling hills, deep caves and caverns, babbling brooks, waterfalls cascading down steep inclines, wide rivers and placid lakes, the deep blue sky and soft white clouds, gentle fog and mist, sudden cloudbursts with flashing lightning and crashing thunderbolts, refreshing rain, sleet, hail, ice and pristine snow, massive volcanoes and gushing geysers, the gentle waves caressing the soft and sandy shoreline or massive crests of the ocean crashing against the rocky coast, vast oceans and the wide open seas here on Earth as well as the bright sun, mystic moon, softly twinkling stars, comets flashing through the night sky, awe-inspiring planets, our enormous Milky Way galaxy, the incredibly beautiful nebulae throughout our vast Universe and everything else that exists in the outmost reaches of Deep SpaceThe results are nothing short of phenomenal, assuring continuation as one with that all-encompassing life force and immense power called the . . .

Circle of Existence
and living in
balance, contentment, harmony and unity with all things for eternity.

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