Bill Joseph

The composer, born in 1940, was raised in the lovely mountain community of Evergreen, Colorado, in the foothills west of Denver, where colorful yellow, orange and red hues of autumn leaves, soft tufts of silver-white snows of winter, the lush greens of spring's new foliage with a variety of colorful blossoms and warm blues of a summer sky spotted with fluffy white clouds are memories of the Rocky Mountain seasons that have inspired many of his compositions
He started plucking at the piano when he was about four years old, apparently displaying talent prompting his mother to  discuss with the local piano teacher, Mrs. Dallas, the prospect of her providing private piano lessons, only to learn that she did not take students until they had entered first grade.  His mother was successful in convincing Mrs. Dallas to make an exception in this case and he started lessons by the time he was but five years old.  His
piano lessons were paid for by his mother's sale of homemade pastries to neighbors in Stanley Park, where the family lived, and friends in the tiny village of Evergreen.  Though she loved the piano herself, she did not have the talent to pursue this interest in earnest, but truly enjoyed sitting in her favorite easy chair late into the evening listening to her young son playing the piano while she worked on crossword puzzles or  involved herself in her many other of her favorite pastimes.

Though without extensive formal musical education, the composer displays an innate knowledge of musical form, composition and theory.  Inspiration for many of his compositions comes from travels to Europe and Mexico and from the classical composers of Spain.  Many of his pieces combine the sounds of the piano and guitar creating a delightful blend.  In addition to musical compositions, the composer has incorporated visuals from his own experiences into exquisite videos, including areas where he has lived as well as distant lands traveled.  Come . . .  take a journey to a land of beauty, tranquility, harmony and peace.  You are in for a surprise and you will likely want to linger for a long time.
Square grand:  an antique piano on which Billy initially displayed his interest and talents in the mid-forties at the age of 4-5.
Contemporary Wurlitzer spinet:  Ethelann, one of 5 sisters, seated in front, which replaced the square grand that had only 85 of the usual  88 keys, which his piano teacher at the time said was essential.
Baldwin baby grand:  received as a  gift in 2010 from his partner (now spouse) Vincent . . .  a beautiful surprise and a dream come true!
Square grand piano Seated is older sister, Ethelann Bill Joseph today
Billy 1947 Square Grand Wurlitzer Spinet Baldwin Baby Grand

Bill Joseph today